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Kerio Connect, Operator, and Control: Benefits of Implementing these Three Kerio Tools in Your Business

October 18, 2014 – 11:20 am

Kerio Operator, Control, Connect


Today’s small to medium sized businesses want productivity, accountability, security, team collaboration, and they want it to be affordable and easy to use. The right tools at the right price point can help a company nurture their relationships and grow their business. Productivity tools exist and there are so many of them out there that it can be arduous to sift through what’s available to make an educated decision on the best tools to invest in.  After all, it’s not just an investment of money when you implement a new tool and process in your business, it’s an investment in your most valuable commodity, too — your time. It takes time to plan and implement a new tool. It takes time for your team to get accustomed to using new tools. And you don’t want an arduous process that could impact productivity and hurt your relationships with your customers.

GetSync’d offers three Kerio solutions that you may want to consider. Implementing all of these solutions into your business can help you in a number of ways and because they’re all from the same company, you’ll get to know what you can expect in terms of reliability, usability, and support — should the need arise.

Kerio Connect:

Hosted email is something more companies than ever are looking to implement. The benefits of GetSync’d hosted email powered by Kerio Connect are numerous. This cloud-based email solution gives you something you can access from anywhere and any device. It’s always sync’d. It includes collaborative tools like shared folders, collaboration with calendars, instant messaging, and robust address books, and more. It’s an excellent Exchange, Gmail, and Outlook alternative. A GetSync’d hosted Kerio Connect solution also comes with GetSecure, blocking spam and viruses absolutely free with every mailbox.

Learn more: Kerio Connect Hosted Email

Kerio Control:

Kerio Control offers an all-in-one solution for security and threat control and it can also help maximize employee productivity, too. In a single appliance and robust control panel you’ll be able to easily ensure security as well as get insightful reports. You can have a firewall, handle content filtering, proactively manage user authentication, benefit from load balancing, and more. GetSync’d offers Control Boxes (Kerio Control Hardware Appliance) as well as full licensing and software maintenance renewals online.

Learn more: Kerio Control

Kerio Operator:

GetSync’d is a full service VOIP service provider offering GetVocal service powered by Kerio Operator. The hosted Kerio Operator service is a business class VOIP solution offering you a phone system in the cloud. With a multitude of calling features, with reporting, CRM integration, voicemail, and other great features you’ll benefit from streamlined and automated phone communication.

Learn more: Kerio Operator 

Streamlined and Secure Email and Phone Communications

Using all three of these solutions in your business will help you with standardized and streamlined email and phone communication as well as help you keep your data secure.

GetSync’d can help you with any or all of these products. Browse our site today about pricing, about trial versions (for Kerio Connect your first 30 days could even be free) and don’t hesitate to contact us with questions.

Maximize Employee Productivity with Kerio Control

October 13, 2014 – 7:06 pm


small business productivity

Employee productivity is something on the minds of many business owners.  With a good IT policy, you can let your employees know what’s expected of them. With good IT tools, you can be sure to enforce your IT policy. And you can protect your productivity, your data, and your equipment from a variety of threats, too.

It’s important to be vigilant about protection. You want to protect your data, your customers’ data, and you want resources to be available for process that bring profit to your business. Lack of a good productivity management solution with security features leaves you vulnerable. Good security doesn’t have to cost a fortune and it doesn’t have to be overly complicated to implement and manage, either.

Stop Employees from Time Sucking Activities

Surfing the web, using social media, and visiting less than honorable websites during business hours on company equipment puts strain on company equipment, it lowers employee productivity, and it puts you at increased risk for security problems.  Conversely, by implementing filters and rules, you’ll be able to control what employees are able to access on company equipment. In addition to putting filters in place you can also get helpful reporting on what people are actually doing with their time.

Some companies opt to have Facebook turned off at all times. Others will allow it on lunch hours, before and after work. Some will allow all sites open but want reporting on it so they’re aware of just how much time is being spent surfing Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or other tools. Getting information on what your employees are doing with company equipment can provide you with insightful data that can be used for measuring performance, for setting corporate policies, and for minimizing risk.

Kerio Control: All in One Solution

Kerio Control gives companies the ability to control employee access to websites. It can help filter out specific search terms, too, ensuring that company equipment isn’t being used inappropriately.
Kerio Control is an all-in-one threat management solution. It controls threats from hackers, from spammers, and so forth and it helps you control security issues  through policies and via useful reports.  It offers a VPN, load balancing and QoS, intrusion detection, and more. Kerio Control is easy to use, it’s effective, and it’s affordable.

Learn more: GetSync’d – Kerio Control Licensing

We also offer Kerio Control maintenance renewals, too.

Benefits of Integrating Your Phone System and Your CRM Tool

September 29, 2014 – 10:15 am

VoIP and CRM integration

Leveraging powerful VOIP and CRM tools together can benefit your biz in a number of ways:

Small, medium, and larger companies all need basic tools to be able to manage their business and nurture customer relationships.  Phone systems, computer systems with the right software, and productivity tools are all going to contribute to your success. There’s an increasing trend towards VOIP phone systems due to cost effectiveness, ease of management, as well as digital capabilities. Another big benefit of a good enterprise class VOIP system is that it can often be integrated with other productivity tools, such as customer relationship management tools. Customer relationship management tools help you manage deals, leads, relationships, and they help you measure performance by customer, by territory, by sales team, by team member, etc. CRM tools are increasingly becoming linked with other office tools so that companies can do a number of things:

  • Illustrate professionalism to customers and prospects
  • Delegate work
  • Ensure nothing slips through the cracks
  • Gather valuable data to measure performance
  • Gather valuable data to strategize for future business growth

Integrating your VOIP phone system with your customer relationship management tool can do a number of things.

Illustrate Professionalism:

By having a top notch phone system, you can effectively handle incoming calls, projecting a positive image to callers. By going a step further and integrating that into your CRM tool, you can be sure that calls are handled professionally as well as followed up on.


Advanced phone systems can handle the routing of phone calls in a way that matches your customer relationship management strategy.

Gathering Data:

Do you want to know how long the average sales call takes? Would you benefit from knowing how long a customer sits on hold? Do you want to know who is making the most outbound phone calls? Do you want to track that and attach it to sales performance metrics? By integrating your phone system with your CRM, you can do that — provided you’ve got a good phone system and a good CRM system, of course.


Data is invaluable. Not only can it help you measure where things have gone right but it can also help you glean information to help you see where there may be opportunities for growth whether it has to do with inbound calls, outbound marketing strategies, etc. Whether you have a small team or a large call center, phone data can be extremely helpful.

  • A good VOIP business phone system can give you features, conference calling capabilities, information about user productivity, it can record calls for quality assurance purposes, it can generate emails based on voicemails, and more.
  • A good CRM will give your company the ability to effectively manage leads, customers, and sales teams.

There are many options for CRM tools and for phone systems. Have you considered the benefits of cloud based VOIP systems like Kerio Operator in the Cloud? Not only is it an affordable enterprise-class cloud-based VOIP phone solution that’s got a long list of features and benefits (including CRM integration) but it’s also cloud-based so you can have it managed by hosted Kerio Operator Cloud provider, GetSync’d. Learn more: Hosted Kerio Operator.