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Benefits of Integrating Your Phone System and Your CRM Tool

September 29, 2014 – 10:15 am

VoIP and CRM integration

Leveraging powerful VOIP and CRM tools together can benefit your biz in a number of ways:

Small, medium, and larger companies all need basic tools to be able to manage their business and nurture customer relationships.  Phone systems, computer systems with the right software, and productivity tools are all going to contribute to your success. There’s an increasing trend towards VOIP phone systems due to cost effectiveness, ease of management, as well as digital capabilities. Another big benefit of a good enterprise class VOIP system is that it can often be integrated with other productivity tools, such as customer relationship management tools. Customer relationship management tools help you manage deals, leads, relationships, and they help you measure performance by customer, by territory, by sales team, by team member, etc. CRM tools are increasingly becoming linked with other office tools so that companies can do a number of things:

  • Illustrate professionalism to customers and prospects
  • Delegate work
  • Ensure nothing slips through the cracks
  • Gather valuable data to measure performance
  • Gather valuable data to strategize for future business growth

Integrating your VOIP phone system with your customer relationship management tool can do a number of things.

Illustrate Professionalism:

By having a top notch phone system, you can effectively handle incoming calls, projecting a positive image to callers. By going a step further and integrating that into your CRM tool, you can be sure that calls are handled professionally as well as followed up on.


Advanced phone systems can handle the routing of phone calls in a way that matches your customer relationship management strategy.

Gathering Data:

Do you want to know how long the average sales call takes? Would you benefit from knowing how long a customer sits on hold? Do you want to know who is making the most outbound phone calls? Do you want to track that and attach it to sales performance metrics? By integrating your phone system with your CRM, you can do that — provided you’ve got a good phone system and a good CRM system, of course.


Data is invaluable. Not only can it help you measure where things have gone right but it can also help you glean information to help you see where there may be opportunities for growth whether it has to do with inbound calls, outbound marketing strategies, etc. Whether you have a small team or a large call center, phone data can be extremely helpful.

  • A good VOIP business phone system can give you features, conference calling capabilities, information about user productivity, it can record calls for quality assurance purposes, it can generate emails based on voicemails, and more.
  • A good CRM will give your company the ability to effectively manage leads, customers, and sales teams.

There are many options for CRM tools and for phone systems. Have you considered the benefits of cloud based VOIP systems like Kerio Operator in the Cloud? Not only is it an affordable enterprise-class cloud-based VOIP phone solution that’s got a long list of features and benefits (including CRM integration) but it’s also cloud-based so you can have it managed by hosted Kerio Operator Cloud provider, GetSync’d. Learn more: Hosted Kerio Operator.



Are Email Encryption and Archiving Important for Your Business?

September 25, 2014 – 10:19 am

business email

Privacy and security are hot button issues in the technology world. Is it a hot button issue for you? If it’s not, maybe it should be. In addition to being concerned about your business email being private and secure, you might need to consider legal compliance from the perspective of securing data being sent and received and safely archiving messages.

Is Free or Sub-par Email Hurting Your Compliance?

Many small businesses leverage free email options and this could be hurting compliance. Some invest in low cost solutions that are marginally better for the purposes of professionalism but have you considered the security and privacy ramifications of your choice of email for your business? And what about archiving? Do you have the right solution in place to ensure that not only can you store emails safely  for the sake of being able to access them later but is it a legal requirement to store them for a specified amount of time and in a very specific way?

Anti-spam laws, HIPAA laws, archiving requirements, and other compliance issues will depend on your country and on your industry, of course, and business owners need to ensure they know how to handle incoming and outgoing mail, based on the content.

The right software solution can make it easier to stay compliant and to feel secure in knowing your data is handled properly. More businesses than ever look to cloud-based hosting so that they don’t have to store all their archived emails, more businesses than ever look to policy-based systems that they can set and forget, and many look at all-in-one solutions so that they are covered at an affordable price.

Email Encryption Software:

Email encryption software can provide a policy-based system that you set and forget. It can handle your encryption and archiving needs based on parameters that are set when you set this up.

Email Archiving Software:

Email archiving software can do the same as email encryption from the perspective of setting it and forgetting it. You set it up according to desired parameters and if you have a lot of email due to the nature of your business, cloud-based hosting offers reliability and ease of management of all of this data.  There are free email archiving solutions on the market but are they robust and reliable enough? When it comes to legal compliance for small and medium-sized businesses, it’s advantageous to invest in a solution that provides you with peace of mind.

Find the Right Email Archiving, Protection, and Encryption Service

It’s not easy choosing the right archiving and encryption solution for your business when there are a lot of choices out there at varying price points.  GetSync’d offers GetSecure, a cloud-based hosted solution with email protection (from spam, viruses, etc.), email archiving, and email encryption (leveraging powerful ZixGateway). An easy-to-use interface, reliability, cloud-based hosting, and a stellar support team make this a solution you should consider. Learn more: Email Encryption, Email Protection, Email Archiving. GetSecure is free with a hosted Kerio Connect email subscription. GetSecure as well as ZixGateway can also be purchased on their own from GetSync’d.

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Small Business Tips: Ways to Reduce the Amount of Spam You Get

September 15, 2014 – 7:34 am

Kerio Control features


Small businesses try their best to compete in a competitive landscape and because it can be challenging, time is a valuable commodity.  Is spam taking up too much of your time?  Do you find yourself deleting more messages than you read on a daily basis? There are a number of ways small businesses can be inundated with spam and there are a number of ways you can deal with it.

Tips for Business Owners:

  • Be careful about subscribing to services, opening attachments, downloading plug-ins or free tools, and be careful about using technology without antivirus  / intruder protection. You should safeguard all devices, including mobile phones.

Your Employees:

  • Implement strong security standards and educate anyone using company equipment about your policies.
  • Consider blocking social media sites, which can result in not only a loss of productivity but in opening your organization up to vulnerabilities.

Ways to Minimize and Control Spam and Other Threats

  • If you have a company blog and / or discussion forum install a spam filter, as it will catch a large percentage of spam messages that come in and will save you time moderating messages.
  • Code your email address on your website so that it can’t automatically be picked up by bots (robots that gather addresses and then sell them for the purposes of spam / send out mass communications of unsolicited mail). Consider using a contact form instead of listing your email address on your website.
  • Periodically examine your inbox to determine whether or not newsletters and other regular emails that come in need to send notifications. Consider unsubscribing if you are frequently archiving or deleting messages from the same senders without reading.
  • Monitor content / usage. There are tools that can make this easier so that if a certain employee or certain website is bringing about extra spam, malware, or causing other problems with your network and / or productivity you can deal with the problem swiftly.
  • Use business class tools to manage spam, content, encryption, storage, and threat protection. Kerio Control might be the perfect option for you to manage information and content flowing in and out of your organization. Learn more and / or request a demo here.