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Reasons to Consider Migrating to Hosted VOIP for Your Business in 2015

January 8, 2015 – 5:16 pm

business phone system in the cloudHosted voice over IP solutions can save companies a lot of money on communications expenses. But they can also help you boost productivity, accountability, and your image with your customers.  Here are some of the reasons why you might want to consider migrating from your traditional business phone system to a cloud-based VoIP option like Kerio Operator.

Lower Overall Communication Costs

VoIP costs significantly lower than traditional phone service. Whether you have one phone line or a large office with many phones, or even still are a company with numerous locations and / or remote employees, VoIP saves money.  It tends to offer a long list of available features that you can pick and choose from without paying a fee per month for each feature or having to invest in high tech expensive phone systems.

Boost Collaboration & Productivity

A good VOIP solution will have features, such as the ability to forward calls to a mobile phone or to allow for calls to be picked up over WiFi with a smartphone app, the ability to forward calls to a co-worker, conference calling features, call parking / paging, and other features that help streamline communication in your company. Some VOIP systems can even be integrated into your CRM tool to ensure that you can tie incoming calls or telemarketing campaigns to the sales pipeline.

Benefit from Measurements

VOIP solutions offer the ability to measure call volume, call distribution, and a variety of other elements that can help you continually refine your efforts as well as see where there are opportunities for improvement.

Ease of Use & Management

Do you have a full time telephony person? Or do you have to pay to have changes made? Hosted VOIP solutions take care of managing your data for you and can offer an easy console for administration that can be handled easily, without a lot of technical skill requirements.  Automated data back-ups and other features can be advantageous as well as time-saving. Your data can live in the cloud, securely and easily accessible when you need it.

Kerio Operator helps you look good to your customers, too. With features like an auto attendant, call queues, and other bells and whistles that help companies of all sizes, you can show your customers a level of professionalism when they call you.

Kerio Operator is a fully managed hosted VoIP solution that has a number of great features that could help you streamline communication in your organization and help you save costs at the same time.

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5 Ways to Make Your Team More Cohesive and Collaborative in 2015

January 5, 2015 – 1:56 pm

 Establish Team Member Roles and Responsibilities

Teams can be established for adequate coverage and in order to support large projects and large accounts. Over time, managers will see what sorts of team dynamics work well. It can take time to implement and analyze but the effort can be a learning experience for everyone in your organization. Strive to put together diverse teams and outline individual roles in that team so that you can draw on individual strengths within that team. Establishing roles, boundaries, back-up, and procedures will create a framework for success.

Have Regular Team Meetings

Meetings where teams share ideas and implement policies and procedures can be extremely helpful in fostering a cohesive and collaborative environment. Measure successes in these meetings as well as strategize for areas that can be improved upon. Regular meetings can address issues and plan for coverage, large projects, etc.

Work on Team Building on an Ongoing Basis

Friendly competition can be great for team building. Team building courses and exercises as well as team outings build camaraderie. Friendly competitions, if you have multiple teams, can really bring a team together.

Implement Collaborative Tools

Collaborative tools will help your team not only talk the team talk but walk the team walk. By giving them the ability to communicate effectively, such as being able to share files and folders, assign tasks, share schedules, and communicate via instant messaging platform you create an environment that allows for true team work and accountability. This is especially important if your teams work together from remote / field locations.
(If you want collaborative email, check out GetSync’d Kerio Connect, a cloud-based email solution with a variety of collaborative tools that are always sync’d. Check out our demo of Kerio Connect.)

Tie Collaboration to Incentives

Celebrate successes and make team work a part of your culture by tying it to salary increases, bonuses, and perks. Ways to do this include 360 reviews, where team members review their colleagues as part of performance reviews. It can even help to have team members be a part of the hiring and interviewing process, too.

8 Ways to Boost Email Productivity

December 16, 2014 – 6:33 am

Does email control your life? Are you sure you’re doing things productively?

Email productivity

Most of us, especially those in business, can’t imagine life without email. But are you sure there aren’t better ways to manage the time you spend on email? Are you leveraging tools that keep your inbox tidy and prioritized? Are there tweaks you could make to be more productive and keep your email better-organized? Here are some tips that could help you:

1: Ensure it Syncs

Active syncing / push technology is vital for a busy business person, particularly someone who works on the go. You want to know that you’re getting emails as soon as they hit your inbox. The same goes for your calendar and contacts, particularly if you share calendar and contacts with others in your company.

2: Create Filters and Inbox ‘Rules

Filters can help you prioritize email so that you get push notifications and interruptions based on messages you actually need to see instantly.

3: Utilize Tasks and Delegation Tools that Integrate with Email

Some email programs can help you transfer emails into tasks either for yourself or for someone you delegate the task to. Integration of email and to-do lists and / or CRM / sales pipeline management (customer relationship management) systems could boost your productivity and ensure that emailed tasks get actioned.

4: Keep Replies Short & Succinct

Keep responses short and sweet wherever possible. Sometimes it’s important to have a digital trail of a conversation but if that’s not the case, resist the urge to spend half an hour typing out a long memo. Sometimes it’s more productive to make a quick call to chat about something and if you find that an email conversation is a source of confusion for you or the other party in the conversation, this is a sure sign that a phone call or face-to-face could help sort it out. Some email tools have instant messaging features as a part of the email inbox, too.

5: Turn it Off (Sometimes)

There are times when email can be a distraction. If you really need to get things done and emails keep dragging your attention away, set times where you turn it off for periods of time so that you can focus on tasks.

6: Unsubscribe!

Do you get dozens of messages a day that you delete with barely a read?  Filters can help get them out of your way but regularly look at what actually gets read (and what sorts of messages you want to keep getting) and make the decision about whether or not you really do need to see them at all, otherwise they just build-up for you to eventually have to sit down and waste time sifting through.

7: The One Page Inbox Rule

Do you have a view of 50-100 messages per page? Do you frequently have more than one page of views in your inbox? If so, you run the risk of losing track of older tasks that have slid off the main page. Strive to keep email at one page wherever possible by filing emails after you’ve actioned them. Folders can help with this, particularly if you keep emails in your inbox.  Email archiving tools can be helpful, helping you manage things that you need access to quickly but that you don’t necessarily need to keep in your inbox.

8: Consider Whether Your Chosen Email is a Solution or Part of a Productivity Problem

GetSync’d with Kerio Connect, an excellent alternative to MS Exchange and Gmail that offers mobile productivity, privacy, ad-free email, and sync’d calendars, contacts, and messages via a cross-platform email solution.  GetSync’d Kerio Connect is a cloud-based hosted email solution, too, which means your company won’t have to worry about managing it in-house.

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